my postpartum fitness journey

welp, it’s been 3 months. 15 weeks roughly… nearly 4 months. i love this sweet girl with my entire being.

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embrace your #mombod


  • am I back to my pre pregnancy weight? No
  • am I frustrated by that? at times, yes, but I’ve created a new outlook on what is important.
  • did I start intense workout before 6 weeks? No
  • did I start shortly after and have back pain? Yes
  • does fitness have a place in my daily routine? Yes, and No
  • will this blog post help you create a balance, motivate/inspire you on your journey and/or attempt to fit in a workout daily? That is my hope!


thank you to breastfeeding the majority of my 30+ lb weight gain fell off… lucky I know. it’s been the last 10 lb. that have been a challenge. It’s not about a number for me but feeling that I’m at my best, is truly important to me! It seems that it is however about a number… for most. I’m not passing judgement, just my opinion. People at times ask if I’m back to my pre-preggo weight. Why? Maybe they’re just curious. I mean… luckily, I don’t mind sharing. Here goes: all the deets and the down right dirty truth and my sincere advice to all new moms.

At the 1 month mark… I had lost roughly 11 lb.

At the 2 month mark nearly 20 lb and at the 3 month mark, well still roughly 20 lb. Oh, well! I’ve never had abs but as I continue to fit a workout into my day… I’m excited to see what I can achieve with this curvier than ever new #mombod.

Am I upset by this? Some days… Absolutely! But most days… Nope! I feel the best I’ve ever felt. I feel empowered, strong, and challenged daily. I feel that Vivian is the missing piece to this damn cleveland puzzle that I couldn’t finish (this is a true statement) in more ways than one. I’m growing/learning how to be a great mom/wife/daughter/sister/friend etc. one day I still won’t master it all but I know that I’m focusing on a better me, enjoying each moment and living the best #momlife possible.

This post is to say that each person has a very different pre/post pregnancy journey. We are all motivated and inspired by posts we see on social media, and hopefully each other with a lack of that irritating side of our brain that is comparing ourselves to others. We are all guilty of it at some point… but the more you love yourself and embrace your beautiful journey of becoming a mom the better you will feel both inside and out.

So here’s my daily/weekly routine. I switch it up and don’t post to instagram every time I work out. I just don’t have the time for that. I also do not workout every day. I do some sort of physical activity.  I also ask for help from family members to watch Viv in order to attend a class, or two, or three each week. I love each of you for following along on this journey with me. I’d love to be your motivation to love and be your #bestself while being realistic in your approach. There are only so many hours in each day.

I currently belong to many different gym/studios: I have to switch it up or I get bored.

If I can’t attend one of my favorite classes at one of these studios: I take a walk up the hilly metro parks across from our home in The Brecksville Reservation, complete an ab ripper x you tube video, or hit up our water rower in our living room. Below you’ll find a list of the different gyms and the workouts I do to create a full body workout and keep my interest. I get bored easily. For real though! I’ve also fallen off the wagon a time or two throughout these 4 months but I’m back as of this week. Don’t give up!

  • Sheer Strength Brecksville -Barre Studio – Pulse Barre
  • Postpartum Birthfit Fitness – Functional Progressions to focus on healing the core and postural strength.
  • Yoga Bliss – Hot Yoga studio in Akron/Green -Power Vinyasa / Hot Studio
  • Western Reserve Racquet & Fitness Club – Power Pump (Full Body workout)
  • Brecksville Recreation Center – (I haven’t found a class so it’s usually the elliptical or treadmill for me.)


  • Sign up for a local 5k in your area for motivation. I signed up for two 5k’s with my gal friend in our communities. One in Brecksville, Ohio & one in Dublin, Ohio later this summer.
  • Getting some “YOU” time is important to your overall mental health! Creating a great balance between being a mom and making time for yourself and your health is important.
  • Commit with a friend to meet up at a workout class, it will hold you more accountable!
  • Signing up for different fitness centers/gyms has allowed me to create a variety in my workout routine. It keeps things interesting, I’m constantly meeting new people and enjoy the variation in workouts to ensure I don’t get bored. Also having gym passes, and memberships can be expensive but it gives you A. OPTIONS -which will fit into your ever changing daily schedule and B. New members typically get a discount and or free classes when you first sign up! Ask and you shall receive!

My Best Advice:

  1. Give yourself time to heal.
  2. Don’t be too hard on yourself – a walk is considered a workout and so is breastfeeding -hellooooo it’s hard work, and your burning calories mama!
  3. Once you’re ready to get back in the saddle… ease into it! Focus on healing/strengthening your core and posture. This will not happen overnight! Posture is important – obviously if you’re breastfeeding it requires a lot of hunching forward… Yoga is outstanding for improving posture! Get to it! Don’t be scured, yoga isn’t boring and ANYONE can do it!
  4. Eat healthy but also eat what you desire. Balance People!

Lastly… This is just my personal opinion, don’t rush getting back to your Pre-baby weight. This is a really hard/challenging time in your life. But such a BEAUTIFUL TIME! ENJOY IT! The desire to be perfect and putting excess stress on yourself while you are having to keep a small human happy is just too much! Sleep deprivation makes you want simple carbs because it’s your body’s pick-me-up but in the long run it will leave you feeling worse. Fight the urge to grab that simple carb loaded snack and grab an apple or nuts instead. I’ve started to focus on putting good food into my body. More salads, fruits, vegetables, mixed with the occasional cheeseburger. It’s all about balance! I’m attempting to reduce the amount of carbs and sugars I’m consuming. I’m not dieting just being conscious of what I’m putting into my body. This is an ongoing process and feeling guilty or feeling like a failure will only make you feel worse. Trust me I’ve been there! Patience is a beautiful thing. Give yourself the time. Give your baby your #bestself and create a routine that will give you the long-term results you’re looking for.  Again, Enjoy this beautiful time in your life! And love your beautiful new #mombod because moms, for reals our bods are thee. most. incredible. thing. in. this. world. Please leave a comment with questions and LIKE/FOLLOW my page. I would truly appreciate it!

stay rad,






One thought on “my postpartum fitness journey

  1. Thank you for the encouragement and motivation! I’m nearly at five months postpartum and have yet to get a good exercise routine going. But I’m feeling ready! ❤️
    Also, I love your closing, lol. Rad is such a fun word!!


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