6 mom hacks – share your mom superpowers…

I’m so excited to share these random thoughts/ideas/hacks whatever you want to call them. I’m sharing these few things because they’ve 1. made my life easier 2. completed a to do item off my check list 3. helped maintain my sanity 4. mentally prepared myself to return to work. Please comment and share your favorite hacks that have made your life easier as a new mom! Thanks for visiting!

1. money, money 

Did you forget or run out of time to start a 529 college saving fund? Are you on maternity leave and the cash isn’t flowing in like it used to? Well… here is a suggestion to save. Also, do yourself a favor, set a goal date to deposit and start a 529 ASAP! I decided to start saving cold hard ca$h for baby Vivian. Around June of last year I started with a crispy $100 bill my parents gave us for our anniversary. Since then I’ve saved any gift money we receive and any extra cash we have after hitting up the bars lol jk! Long story short after a year of saving I was able to deposit a nice chunk of cash to start the account and it was like I didn’t even have it! Piggy banks work!

2. squirt, squirt 

EO organic lavender spray hand sanitizer from Whole Foods! Replaces hand washing and will decrease bacteria before/after feedings, diaper changes, shopping etc. No synthetic fragrances, only made of pure essential oils. #buyinbulk you won’t be disappointed. I have 1 in my purse, diaper bag, and car. You’re welcome!img_2364

3. teething 3 mo. baby – NO!

This shit is bananas. B-A-N-A-N-A-S! Toothbrush/Teether – throw out all of those other teethers. This thing is THE SHIT! Vivian is obsessed with her toothbrush/teether! Babes are able to grip it easily and the bristles massage their gums! Get it ASAP! Oh and its super cute! 🍌 I bought it at Buybuybaby!

4. Papergoods

Are you going back to work soon do you have sadness seeping in that you are leaving your little Bambino for the majority of the day? Here are a few options of paper goods you can order to remind you of your little bundle throughout your workday. Thank you to Shutterfly for running the best deals. I received 50% off my order and have paper goods ready for my first day back to work! Check out this cutie!

Also Artifact Uprising is one of the coolest sites- thank you to my friend Jen for sharing! The site prints matte photos any size including insta size of 4×4 etc. Also you are able to access your Instagram account/photos easily! I printed a photo in a modern frame for AC’s new office and first day back to work! He loved it! Again you’re welcome!



I used iTunes to create a Nursery rhymes playlist. It’s consists of 8 total songs!  We listen to it every other day! All 8! I have an awful voice but I sing along. It also works for car trips and she lovvvves it! I can’t wait until she can sing along too! And one last thought… one of our favs is, “if you’re happy and you know it!” Talk about an Insta mood fix if you’re having a bad day! Try it out!



Also in the download dept. instead of traveling with Viv’s Sound machine from hatch which she loves!!! Thanks Aunt Stace! We downloaded the Guva free noise app! It has a variety of baby sleep sounds, you can set timers and also review baby sleeping tips! Jackpot!


6. you are a badass!

Lastly and most importantly MOMS- tap into your inner badass. And be confident! You ARE A BADASS! If someone hasn’t told you lately, you’re doing an AWESOME JOB! Also take advice and opinions lightly. Don’t let others stress you out!

If you’re anything like me you are a people pleaser but when it comes to your kid. You have to tell peeps how it is! They should play by your rules and understand as the teacher of the grandparents class said “it’s not your baby. ” Although sometimes it’s hard and you don’t want to upset others! You are the one awake with your child in the middle of the night, not them! And you are doing what you decide is best for your child. For the record, I have taken a lot of the advice I’ve received! However, I’ve also let some advice fly right out the window! Tap into your family and friends, ask questions, discuss your mom needs/wants and successes/failures. Stop worrying about every little thing! Enjoy it! It will help you to continue to be the best mom. No one is perfect and no one has all of the answers. Learn from your mom tribe they are going through it too! Thank you to the many moms I speak to daily/weekly through phone calls, insta, email, blogs etc. My mom tribe continues to grow and I’m so thankful! You know who you are!

Added bonus if you need a reminder: buy this badass button. I purchased this for my husband for his desk at Barnes and Noble and it comes with a mini version of one of my favorite books. You are a badass!

Stay Rad,

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One thought on “6 mom hacks – share your mom superpowers…

  1. They also make a corn on the cob teether like the banana one! My oldest loved his corn and my youngest has the banana!! It can give her a little variety in her diet! 😉

    I love reading your blog. I just wish I was able to stand up to others. Keep the advice coming!

    Liked by 1 person

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