“just tell yourself, duckie, you’re really quite lucky.” -dr. seuss

Today I feel empowered….

More than yesterday.

More than 5 minutes ago.

And grateful for all of the women in my life. Especially my mom, because she’s my rock!

I have realized during my maternity leave more so than any other time in my life how important and enjoyable it is to meet new people and be picky with whom you surround yourself with.

Today my post will hopefully send you the following vibes: strength, optimism, appreciation and lastly motivation to start something new or even meet someone new!

6757Today my post is about a strong and beautiful woman inside and out. She has no idea the impact she had on my life from being a friendly stranger and having a conversation from ORD –> LAX.  Hopefully she’ll read this post and feel warm and fuzzy inside. Because she deserves all the fuzzy feels! I don’t know her well but I know that we will keep in contact via yoga, tacos and tgfi (thank god for instagram).


Her name is Christina Morales. She sat one seat away from me on my last flight to LA. Her daughter Willow acted as the cutest buffer I ever did see. Willow had unicorn vans gracing her cute toddler feetsies and the sweetest smile. Her sweet mama pulled out a container of fruit for their inflight snack and sparks flew. Eh, more like tears started to flood my cheeks. It was April 19th, 2017. I had been longing for a baby… longing for a baby girl and here I found myself in a window seat sandwich of baby girls. Willow was the oldest (I think) sitting next to me, with a one-year old baby girl in front of me, and an 8ish month old baby girl behind me. Side note: I’ve always been terrible with remembering or guessing the ages of babies/kiddos. Is this real life I thought to myself? I literally said outloud… “Someone hates me, why me?” I briefly shared my story with Christina while fighting back tears. After failed IUI attempts, fearful of doing IVF, and saddened that it had been nearly 3 years of trying to conceive, I had lost hope. I was angry, sad and mentally exhausted. Christina immediately took the high road… she said maybe it’s a sign. Maybe it was meant to be. Maybe just maybe, you’ll get that baby girl very soon. Although this post isn’t about optimism it did bring my attention to then and now.  I’ve always thought of myself as an optimistic person. Am I? In that moment I totally took the glass half empty approach. I felt discouraged, sad and had lost all hope. Thank you to our beautiful universe she placed Christina and Willow in those seats right next to me. I truly believe the universe sends us signs, signals, and strength. Call me crazy! But it was a sign she was coming.  I couldn’t see it because I had foggy vision from the negative downward spiral I allowed my internal dialogue to create. Christina brought the positive light.

Our conversation continued from there, Christina is a yoga teacher in Lexington, KY. She was born in Cali and was heading back to visit her family.  She was the sweetest, intelligent, warm, real and total #momgoals #badass chick. We talked about La Jolla, Marriage, Tacos, Yoga, Dr. Seuss, and well the list was lengthy. But we had so much in common. I’ve been contemplating teaching yoga but would love to train with CorePower Yoga, (Where Christina also started). However we do not have a Corepower Cleveland location… YET! I’m waiting patiently. Christina encouraged me to go for it! She also said don’t worry, seriously, you’ll get that baby girl. She was so sure of it! She suggested a taco joint in LA, and we met for yoga the next morning. She flew through the yoga room so gracefully and strong. She inspired me.

Morale of the story… don’t ignore your neighbor, or their neighbor. They could turn into your biggest cheerleader, friend or spirit animal. Thank you Christina for being you! My first stop today is going to be TACO MARIA! I’m different today than I was last April. I’m a MOM! I’M A MOM! EEEKS, it brings tears to my eyes because I miss her already and it actually happened. And the thought of those tacos, and you my once stranger friend… inspired me to stay strong, and to not give up! And all of those things inspired me to write this post. I WILL visit you one day and introduce you to Vivian!

Thank you from a stranger for the love, support, and encouragement when I needed it most. I got my baby girl March 3rd of 2018. Oh, but wait, you know that! Because you were cheering me on from the instagram sidelines: from the moment I found out 2 months following that flight. #neverlosehope #infertility #motherhood #momlife #grateful #optimism #positivevibesonly #bethebestyou #pushyourself #striveforgreatness #corepower #yoga #tacos #liveyourbestlife #talktoastranger

Stay Rad, Cassidy

Follow Christina on her journey:

insta: christinamoralesyoga

site: christinamoralesyoga.com

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